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3 min readAug 22, 2018


Art is evolving alongside technology, and with BBuzzCanvas not only does the duo complement each other, it breathes life into any given space. With Amazon’s Alexa, BBuzzCanvas is making a mark in the art and interior space for its accessibility and ingenuity as an e-canvas developed to capture the details on works like yours on its optimized screen.

With Alexa, the most popular home assistant AI on the market, your art will be introduced seamlessly into real homes and public spaces like offices, cafes to hotel lobbies. Imagine your artwork providing comfort and solace to a person returning home from a long day of work, simply by saying: “Alexa, open BBuzzArt.” Their mundane space will be transformed with your vibrant piece, transporting them into their favorite memory, kindling a familiar song or a moment of calm. With this technology, art is no longer limited to traditional museums and galleries but can fill homes, work and other spaces that people dwell the most to bring them direct joy with your artworks.

When your work is chosen in the curated collection for BBuzzCanvas, we will be giving back profits back to you, the artist. Our artists are our most important investment and we will always work to support you. It could be a great source of passive income until the work is sold.

With BBuzzCanvas, you will have a higher chance of being seen by a collector. By ensuring that your work is advertised to the widest range of potential art buyers around the world, your work will be displayed in private homes, event halls and hotel lobbies. In the artworld, your actual work will have premium value over its electronic version. We are just offering a taste of pleasure through sharing your artwork in areas with the highest traffic of art collectors.

We prioritize the copyright protection of your work. By signing up to BBuzzArt you grant us a non-exclusive, royalty-free transferable, sub-licensable and worldwide license.

And, we want to share the profits with all our artists. When your stunning work is chosen for display, we are linking it exclusively to BBuzzCanvas. This means that buyers have signed the terms of agreement protecting your image.

We are looking ahead to pioneer the future of art to give our artists more opportunities to pursue their dreams. Our goal is to ensure the best platform for our artists to feel secure and supported. BBuzzArt looks forward to working and growing with you on this journey.

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