Feel Again Before the World Swallows You

Spring has come along upon the arrival of the cherry blossom. How has your mood been? Shifting as the changing weather? Or got romantic with the warm breeze?

Isn’t it interesting how our emotions and feelings are affected directly by the surroundings?

Fata Morgana I by Aldrine Alarcon

Living at the digital age today, we are surrounded by monitors and electronic devices. How do we feel?

We receive loads of information everyday and fail to screen out what we don’t want. Buzzler fellow FocusAnima has picked feelings and emotions as his research subject and collect artworks with significant emotional power to his BBuzzArt collection. Check out some of the works below and let them move your inner self.

Fingertips by Samantha Rumbuc (left) and Conscious Awakening by Totographer
Metamorphosis by Grégoire A. Meyer

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About Curator’s Pick by FocusAnima— Feelings & Emotions

How does the human being feel today? What makes the human being laugh? What makes him cry? Do we still feel something or is everything digital? This selection of works reflects what still makes us human, what technology has not yet been able to create — Feelings & Emotions.

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