How to Become an Art Collector When You Are Not a Millionaire — Yet?

When speaking of art collection, people often think of those masterpieces which cost millions and billions of dollars and feel too distant to purchase one. What if I tell you there is a way to become an art collector even if you are not a millionaire at the moment? Even better, what if it could lead you to becoming a millionaire?

An Evening Romance by William Oxer

With genuine appreciation, art collection is the best investment.

As a Fine Art degree holder, I myself have been an art collector since university — with only a dollar. How is it possible? It is an inside joke in the Fine Art Department that when birthdays and Christmas come, instead of exchanging gifts, we exchange artworks. ‘With this signature, you don’t know how much my work will become,’ a dollar is a symbolic act to ‘buy’ the artwork. This action of collecting artworks of friends, especially who will possibly become professional artists in the future, is the beginning of becoming an art collector.

What if I don’t have an artist friend?

But you do. After joining BBuzzArt, all the fellow users online are your artist friends. On BBuzzArt, not only can you share Daily Moments with your fellows, you can also collect your favorite works — online and offline.

You might have heard of Affordable Art Fair, which is an international exhibition providing opportunities for emerging artists to sell artworks in an affordable price. BBuzzShow shares a similar idea where we feature several potential artists every year to direct the public to the online platform. This year’s BBuzzShow is ongoing at Indie Art Hall GONG in Seoul with vibrant Korean artists Jaeyoung Park, Taehoo Jung, Eunji Lee, Jiyoon Jeong and Sohyun An. Our opening party was successfully held and connected art lovers with the artists.

Meeting friends at BBuzzShow@Seoul

When you go to our website, you will find not only these artists’ works, but those by emerging artists all over the world. Just a few clicks, thousands of artworks are available for selection. With or without a price marked, you are free to interact with your fellows and put their works in your collection. You are also welcome to contact the curatorial team for recommendations.

Doesn’t it sound tempting? You never know who will turn into the next Picasso tomorrow. Start your art collection now to wish for the best outcome in the future.

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