Human or Machines?— Victor Fota’s Surreal World

Overloaded with information and technology, the world today can no longer tell the differences between human and machines. Technological development aims to make machines more human-like, whereas the functional modernism are shaping human beings to robot mode.

Anxiety Amplifier by Victor Fota

What’s going on with our society? Let’s discover the relationship between human and machines through the lenses of surrealist painter Victor Fota’s eyes.

Entropy Game Series by Victor Fota

Born in 1989, Victor Fota is based in Bucharest, Romania. At the moment he focuses on experimenting with oil paintings which illustrate concepts and phenomena of scientific methods, combined with personal introspection. His paintings are in the manner of a clean technique which resembles the old Flemish method of rigid forms and a successive glazes of paint.

Information Overload from Human Extension by Victor Fota

Separated in three major concepts — Two Grounds, Reality through Reason-Cosmogony and Human Extension, Fota’s works have been exhibited over the country. Human Extension has its concept based on the relationship between man and machine, in which the artist explores this relationship using facts and imagination, resulting in a surreal image.

Realm Selection from Entropy Game by Victor Fota

The most recent series Entropy Game focuses on depicting our universe as a “mmo” game in which the basic rule is the Law of Entropy from which everything derives, even time.

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