[Important News] A Brand New BBuzzArt!

Dear BBuzzers,

This week will have been one of the significant milestones on BBuzzArt’s timeline. Now that this year’s offline exhibition BBuzzShow@Seoul has come to an end; our technical team is ready to excite you with the new image of our online platform!

Yesterday we have introduced the new inner layout of our BBuzzArt website, today we continue to present BBuzzArt’s new direction through the changes we have made on our homepage main channels.

The Brand New Homepage

What’s New

The new channels we are presenting in this new version are to encourage BBuzzers take a further step after art appreciation — build a habit of art collection. With the action of art collection, you will be able to develop your unique sense of art and gradually fill your life with art.

Read How to Become an Art Collector When You Are Not a Millionaire — Yet? again to see how to become an art collector at: http://bit.ly/2T81xF0

BBuzzShop Features

Art is more than just personal appreciation. Sharing what you like to important people of your life is the beginning to fill this world with more love of art. BBuzzShop Features has different collection of artworks selected by our curators for the purpose of purchasing artworks for your love ones. All the series are designed over the consideration of a specific context. BBuzzArt curators put ourselves into your shoes, with BBuzzShop Features, we guarantee that you will find the best tailored gifts for your friends and family.

Bring Art to Your Space

As the title says, we encourage you to ‘bring art to your space’. Featuring the latest artworks from our emerging artists, we invite you to take a look at what we believe could bring a new sensation to your living space and take the action to get them home. This section will be updated by our curators from time to time to make sure what you bring home could be the most up-to-date creative ideas, for your own appreciation or for the sake of initiating conversations.

Bringing art to your space with BBuzzCanvas.

What‘s More

What has been good shall remind. BBuzzArt would like to keep the bondings with you all through the existing BBuzzMagazine and Curator’s Pick. Along with our other online social platforms, we continue to provide you with different campaigns and interview projects of your fellow BBuzzers. You can also stay afloat in BBuzzArt’s community by actively sharing your inspirations on the Daily Moment.

What is more is that we would like to invite all of you to get involved in our archive by informing us news about your exhibition or art events. After screening, we will provide you with promotion opportunities on our platform. It will be a mutually beneficial way to join hands of all artists and art lovers all over the world. Soon after the announcement of this new image, all of you will receive an email from our curatorial team and we will look forward to updates of your real life daily moments.

Rosy. by Ray Caron

BBuzzers, like all other events and campaigns in which we have received warm support from all of you, once again we invite you to walk together with the brand new BBuzzArt and bring a better world through art in actions.

Let’s start with affordable art today and discover masterpieces for tomorrow.

Buzzing Art, Budding Artists. www.bbuzzart.com