Jinhee Park’s Pooky Wooky

BBuzzArt Artist Focus

The online art world is expanding and BBuzzArt is a community full of emerging artists which you could not miss. With BBuzzArt Artist Focus, we would like to go through our vibrant artists one by one with their significant collections. Today, we continue our BBuzzArt Artist Focus with Korean artist Jinhee Park.

Snailfish by Jinhee Park

About Artist Jinhee Park

Graduated from School of Visual Arts in New York and Royal College of Art in London, Korean artist Jinhee Park recalls dreamy memories of childhood through painting.

Park believes that one misses this most beloved time as a child although it becomes an inherent space in nowhere but their consciousness. His works reorganize the virtual space inside the faint recollection so the audience could leap over from a real world. In the age when everything was immeasurably and intangibly changing and disappearing, the artist aims to create transitional spaces to evoke the sense of self-archetype that stored within his body.

Zip (left), Thick Growth (central) and Spool (right) by Jinhee Park

About Duvet Painting Series

Despite spending his university years overseas, Park always bear in mind his identity as a Korean through his artworks. Lying the duvet on the floor and sleeping on the ground four seasons a year is a unique Korean culture which is still common in today’s Korean society. (Japanese culture shares the same practice of sleeping with a different design of duvets.)

Bed-wetting (left) and Adam (right) by Jinhee Park

Depending on his impressions on his childhood in Korea, the artist created his own duvets for his artworks. Reshaping and organizing the bed sheets and blankets in a different way, Park tends to convey a sense of purity to recall audience’s childhood memories as well. He hangs the duvets on the wall like a painting to frozen for inspection.

Travel back to your childhood memory now with Jinhee Park at: http://bit.ly/2DyrPKo

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