Min Cheong’s Women Poetry

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In the recent decade, the issue of gender equality receives more and more attention from the society. In art history, feminism transforms from the fighting of woman rights (First Wave from 1960s) to the emphasis of uniqueness of femininity (Second Wave from 1970s) to the rethinking of male and female roles (Third Wave from mid-1980s) to today where the concern falls onto the definition of gender itself.

Women Poetry by Min Cheong

Both female and male artists have played an important part of shaping the history of feminist art. Today, we are happy to present one of our emerging artists who has chosen women as her research subjects.

About Artist Min Cheong

Graduated from Tunghai University in Taichung, Taiwan, Min Cheong is a Malaysian based artist who studied art in Taiwan since 18 years old. She is a multi-disciplinary artist working in drawing, installation, exploring themes of feminism, family and memories.

Choose or Chosen (left) and For Your Own Good (right) by Min Cheong

About Women Poetry

By patriarchy, where preferences of boys over girls, that seems to be the norm in the older Asian generation. Women are oppressed by men in many aspects of their life especially in dream and education.Women trapped between her livelihood as a “giver” … Women silenced her desire to escape that life and be loved as an equal… My mom is one of the victim. Despite the tremendous progress made in the struggle for gender equality, successful women still face violence, discrimination, and institutional barriers to equal participation in the current society. This artwork reflects my transitions and metamorphosis from a girl to a woman through observations, questions, test and self-assurance in my life journey.

Know more about Min Cheong and her perspective on female suppression in the Asian society at: http://bit.ly/2DCrXsp

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