Nana & Felix’s Original Population

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We tend to assume artists are individuals that value their own creative space. Some even think to an extent that due to artists’ emotional nature, it is difficult for artists to hold a long-term collaboration. Even the best artist couple Marina Abramović and Ulay went their separate ways after of 12 years of union and collaboration. Yet today, we are proud to present a BBuzzArt artist duo Nana & Felix to let you see how two is better than one.

Original Population by Nana & Felix

About Artist Duo Nana & Felix

Nana & Felix is a Korean-Finnish artist duo working on image-based projects. By combining their different backgrounds, the two artists address social and political issues through the languages of photography and conceptual art.

By erasing the photograph from the process of identification, The artists tend to underline the highly unreliable factor behind every photograph; the human mind and subjective judgement.

The Zone System by Nana & Felix

About Original Population

This diptych sculpture (total 236 individually cut out passport-photographs) respond to the idea behind the positivist use of photography in 19th century criminological and eugenic studies. The work is not intended to mimic the composite pictures (famously produced by Francis Galton), which were meant to create one portrait out of various superimposed images. The sculptures, on the other hand, are formed out of endless small fragments and so borrow the appearance of Galton´s endeavor, while emphasizing the impossibility of it.

Facial Composite by Nana & Felix

About Facial Composite

This installation consists of twelve portraits Nana & Felix. They produced a questionnaire mimicking the identification methods used by law enforcement agencies worldwide. Twelve participants were asked to answer the questionnaire describing the facial features of the artists. These questionnaires were then turned in to text-based portraits.

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