Opposites Make Perfection

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Opposite attracts. In human relationships, personalities from two extremes attract. In art, this theory works too. That’s talk about it today!

Energy Communication by Inna Mosina

What are complementary colors?

Complementary colors are always in pairs. They are pairs of colors that cancel each other out when combined and produce a grayscale color like white or black. However the magic is, when they are put next to each other, they create the strongest contrast and bring visual excitements.

Complementary colors are also called ‘opposite colors’. In traditional hue, they are red-green, blue-orange and yellow-purple. And the principle behind is actually when the three primary colors — red-green(blue+yellow), blue-orange(red+yellow) and yellow-purple(red+blue).

Complementary colors are important in art creation and many masterpieces are consisted of them, which succeed to catch audience’s sight and create a certain atmosphere.

The Eye by Chrisaleks (left) and Bliss by Amelia Jane

About Curator’s Pick by EunYoung Won — Craving Complementarity

Do you remember the color wheel that you have encountered at least once during your school days? Complementary colors are the opposite pairs on the wheel. Including my favorite match-up, cool blue and punchy orange, all the pairings are dynamic and pleasing to human eyes when used together. Many artists use this simple but highly effective rule of color schemes when producing artworks in order to create visual and emotional balance, or the opposite — to provoke an unsettling chaos. The high contrast of complementary colors at full saturation creates a satisfying and vibrant look, whereas toned-down analogous colors deliver unity and stability. Let your eyes relax and travel through 30 carefully selected works. Feel the dynamic energy the colors exude in together!

Pushing down by FocusAnima and La Mujer Contorsionista by Brenda Echeverria and Are by Sunuk Kim

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