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We all know Leonardo da Vinci is an all-rounded genius that not only is he the greatest artist of all time, he also invented the modern bike. Although this kind of legends inspires us that art and science share the same root of creativity, those ancient masters only appeared like a myth to us. For our modern time, do you believe that artists could be an a scientific inventor at the same time too?

The proportions of the human figure (The Vitruvian Man) by Leonardo da Vinci

24-year-old Lewis Hornby has won James Dyson Award with his project Jelly Drops. As the graduation project for his master degree at Royal College of Art, Hornby created edible water for patients with dementia to stay hydrated. Patients with dementia tend to forget to drink water which would lead to serious dehydration and severe medical situation.

James Dyson Award winning project Jelly Drops

The muse behind this invention is Hornby’s grandmother who is a patient with dementia. The helping heart of Hornby towards his grandmother motivated him to bring such important innovation. Like all other art pieces in the world, the good intention behind the works make them amazing.

Embracing yourself/Accepting the others by Raluca Popescu

This episode of Art for Everyone introduces you Korean interior design director Koyo Choi with the equally good will of passing art on when she started her career. See her story to success at:

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