Realistic Fruit Painter — Dietrich Moravec

A Letter to BBuzzArt Curator

Dear Buzzlers,

I am a retired teacher for arts and IT. Drawing and painting have been my passion for more than five decades.

I live in a small town in Bavaria in Germany. My interest lies in realism and photorealism. As I am dedicated to detail, I use photographs as reference.

Art is a process that first penetrates the viewer from the outside to the inside, where it is filtered and processed by the brain and then radiates back to the viewer through the artwork. The viewer does not necessarily have to have the same spiritual experience as the artist, since the same perception process takes place in the viewer´s eyes from the outside inwards with the filtering through the brain and the own experiences made up to then. Each viewer may come to a different conclusion with respect to the work in question.

I find this process very welcoming, because the work of art is getting more and more complex. Each viewer enriches the work through his/her perspective. As an artist I am completely self-taught. I started painting and drawing when I was still at school and kept on learning and practicing ever since.

I always have been very interested in the techniques of the Old Masters and experimented with egg tempera and oils. Later on I turned to acrylics and a combination of acrylics and oil colors. Many years I spent with printmaking, especially with etchings, but also alternative printmaking like intaglio-type.

Drawing has always been an essential part of my artistic work. I use graphite, charcoal, coloured pencils and pastels. Now and then I make some scraperboards (scratchbords).

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