Sansu — Unji Lee’s Abstract Landscape

This Monday, we have announced the five finalists for BBuzzSeoul@Seoul this year. Don’t you want to have a glimpse on what their artistic styles are like? Today, we will have a feature article for each artist and let you have a brief idea of who they are.

Let’s welcome Unji Lee — an artist who finds traces of her memories in her abstract landscapes.

Sansu 182 by Unji Lee

Born in Seoul and studied in St. Louis, Unji Lee was raised upon a childhood of drawing and painting which has founded her artistic prospect. Having landscape as her subject matter, Lee is inspired by the changing property of the nature. Her artistic creation began when she found traces of memories along the changes of the surroundings. Through the artist’s careful observations of the scenery, paintings are created under the collection and combinations of the objective exterior with her own emotions.

Sansu-184 by Unji Lee

To Lee, her paintings are records in form of the lines of mountains, blank space between the sky, footsteps of the shadows, along with the bits of landscape. As the sun sets, the artist pays attention to the shadow of the mountains passing by, the sparkling sunlight glittering on the river, the colors that hold the fragrance of the seasons, the traces of outline; all the colors are stored in her mind. According to this trail of memories, she creates sensuous and primitive landscapes in form of collage. Layers and layers of shapes and colors are formed under the artist’s sub-consciousness.

Sansu-180 by Unji Lee

The recent series Sansu begins with the concept of ‘Sansu’ in Oriental landscape paintings. Sansu — literally means mountain(san) and water(su), focuses on depicting the idea of utopia, the realization of cosmic simplicity upon objective judgement. This is a concept of finding oneself in the nature. Based on this concept, the artist further transformed the idea in a contemporary manner. Rather than painting realistic scenery, she explored the area of abstract landscape.

Inspired by the formal features of traditional Korean landscapes, the mountains in Lee’s paintings are stronger in the sense that the grayish white granite is exposed. The mixture of ink and acrylic which shows traces of intricate and intuitive brushes forms a contrast against the cold, solid graphite. On the other hand, the layers of acrylic paints contrast with the fluidity of the fast ink strokes. Energy is then generated in between. This sensitivity on the use of media has wittily resembled the ever-changing feature of the nature.

Sansu-190 by Unji Lee

The artist seeks to explore dynamic and new space-time by reinterpreting it with private sensitivity and senses, and she has successfully brought excitements to the audience’s eyes.

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