Stranger’s Gaze — Jiyoon Jeong’s Black and White Society

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Today, we have prepared so much for you to see! Let’s continue with the feature articles for our BBuzzShow@Seoul selected artists! Here comes Jiyoon Jeong — an artist who looks at the society from an outsider prospective in her black and white portraits.

Crowd’s Gaze by Jiyoon Jeong

When we are busy living in the same daily every day, we will often forget what is next to us and what is happening. Money problems, which have become a major issue in the city, usually disappear in people’s consciousness within 2–3 months.

The above is how the young artist sees the world and what first and foremost she puts in her artist statement in an honest and direct tone. Although it is simple and probably what we all know, we seldom have the time and attention to make it heard. With her sensitivity towards ever day life episodes, Jeong discusses social issues with her sensual portraits.

A Series of Living by Jiyoon Jeong

A Series for Living portrays a woman in motion. According to the artist, along with the feeling of busyness, this uncertain image responds to social expectations — the demand of becoming bigger, higher, and more pleasing. These shifting shadows represent the unwillingness to compromise with the outer world. The protagonist in the paintings are believed to be the artist herself. She found her identity unclear in the society. And the more you dig into the truth, the blurrier it becomes and finally you accept the fact that you cannot grab what it truly is. For all the efforts in vain, A Series of Living is a series not for living, but for survival.

Isolated modern man by Jiyoon Jeong

During her artistic creation, Jeong puts herself in a position of an outsider from the society she lives in. To her, everyone is a stranger; just as to anyone, she is a stranger. Everyone is gazed by every other person. She considers the process of painting a reconstruction. Through painting, the subject matters are no longer who they are, which specific time and place they were at. The reconstruction depends entirely on the viewer, in the case of painting, the artist; yet in the case of our daily life, our identities are also defined by others.

For What by Jiyoon Jeong

From a personal perspective, painting is a way for Jeong to release her memories and save her brain from overloading. The artist has extraordinary responsiveness towards the world beyond average people. She finds it suffocating since she could remember tiny facial expressions from strangers. Painting is an exit for her when the images on her mind are over the capacity. It is on one hand a talent to have the ability to memorize so many faces, but on the other hand an inevitable mental torture if the artist could not have found art to express herself. Anyway thanks to that, today we see amazing works from this vibrant artist.

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