The Innocence from Shiv Kumar Soni Eyes

A Letter to BBuzzArt Curator

Innocence tinctures all things with brightest hues. ~Edward Counsel
The Innocence by Shiv Kumar Soni

Dear BBuzzArt Curator and fellow Buzzers,

I am a young artist from Rajasthan, India. After being born and brought up in Bidasar, Churu, I moved to Jaipur to pursue the career of my dreams and graduated as a bachelor in Visual Art from Jaipur.

The Innocence by Shiv Kumar Soni

I see myself as an imaginative painter. I like to paint with acrylic in water-color style and has craved it as an exclusive technique. Quiet an observer I like to drench my paintings with the things I observed from my childhood. I like to display childhood moments creatively like playing in rainy weather, imagining oneself over the clouds, flying with kites and many beautiful things one wishes to be realistic during youthful days.

Treasure of the childhood xi by Shiv Kumar Soni

In my paintings, I like to paint mundane things like kites, birds, balloons, toys, trays, hats. You can surely marvel the innocent charm of childhood memories in my paintings. I also like to create characters. One of them is a child called PUPPY. I am still improving and learning from my mistakes and working my way up to becoming a renowned artistic painter. I hope to let rest of the world see my hard work and let my childhood shine.

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