Tranquility Is the Warmest Color — Another Kind of Natural Landscape by Sohyun An

Not getting enough of our BBuzzShow@Seoul selected artists? Here we go! Coming up is Sohyun An — an artist who brings comforts from tranquility.

I paint to express emotion that cannot be explained by words. When I became unstable, I found a warmer, quieter place and felt more stable. On a sunny day I walk randomly. Sometimes I found a corner of interest. Unlike the crowded landscape around me, I feel like I am alone in another space. I stopped walking for a while and saw the scenery. The color of the space warmed by the light of the sun was so beautiful because it was a natural landscape.

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Station by Sohyun An

Quiet places under warm sunshine are the subject matters of Sohyun An’s paintings. Although most places are public areas like stations, cafes, stores, etc., seldom do you find human beings. Even if people appear in the scene, they do not serve as living creatures, instead a rather object-like existence. Despite the presence of human beings, you do not find solitude from the paintings. On the contrary, it feels relaxing and comforting to see An’s paintings. It is a piece of tranquility away from the crowded cities.

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8.11.S.Z by Sohyun An

The scenes situated on the boundary between cityscape and countryside landscape. It captures the essence of natural landscape in the sense of feeling, but interestingly happens at daily objects which reminds you of the urban city. In the artist’s utopia, everyone could find their own peace and state of mind.

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Waiting by Sohyun An

This magic is done by the artist’s choice of composition and use of light and shadow. For the composition, she usually depicts a front view of the subject matter, which on one hand delivers a modern sense which resembles contemporary photography, on the other hand gives audience an openness towards another space. For the use of light and shadow, it reminds the audience of a sunny day. This exposure of sunlight, along with a careful selection of color tone, soothes audience’s heart with a feeling of cleanness.

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Relax Chair by Sohyun An

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