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Why do we need history? If art is generated from the inner self, a true enlightenment without outer force, what is the point of referring to art history? If we put aside the meaning of art history under the context of art creation, art is simply a part of the greater history to mark human wisdom.

But what if we put it under the context of art creation?

Chivalry ain’t Dead, it’s just got Bad Flu by Kritika Anand

Art History as a Source of Inspiration

In the oriental culture, imitation is a significant element of creation. Traditional oriental paintings do not emphasize the importance of originality. Instead, the definition of art creation, especially Chinese paintings, is to collect elements from masterpieces. The rearrangement forms art.

Nocturne by Contreraslau

In fact, even in the Western culture where individuality is highly rated, art started from imitation. Be it the imitation of the reality world, or the imitation of emotions through performances, the action of finding what connects the artists’ hearts and the re-illustration, make art.

Therefore, it is always a good way to look back to history when you are running out of inspiration. You have no excuses to escape from art creation, open the art history book and pick up your brush again today!

Appropriation collages by Eisen Bernardo

About Curator’s Pick by BBuzzArt — Tribute to Art History

How brilliant are they to make art historical references in their work! If you are an art history nerd who likes a good laugh, you will love this. Can you guess which artist they are referring to?

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