UNESCO Creative Cities Network x BBuzzArt

Created in 2004, the UCCN was created with the intentions of “promoting cooperation with and among cities that have identified creativity as a strategic factor for sustainable urban development.” Currently, 180 cities have pledged to place creative and cultural industries as their primary focus in developing their countries. The network among these countries was created to promote mutual cooperation and growth, while strengthening initiatives and progress among member countries. Creative networks in the fields are divided into: Crafts and Folk Arts, Media Arts, Film, Design, Gastronomy, Literature and Music.

Based in a city designated as a Creative City of Design, BBuzzArt would like to work together with other design cities in a collaborative project to foster communication and demonstrate the power of individuals within societies. Artists chosen for this project should be able to interpret the given theme within their own contexts, remembering that they are responsible in reflecting their country in an authentic way that can generate genuine discussions on the challenges and achievements in inclusive development.

Currently, most of the art trade is limited to certain countries. While fine arts and jewelry dominate the global cultural trade, this is primarily limited in between the global north. We see that cultural trade is most prominent in high-income countries, meaning that most developed countries are limited in entering and establishing themselves as creative hubs. Through this initiative, key players from the Creative Cities will be highlighted, indicating that regardless of their physical locations, each individual artist working towards a similar goal are equally as important and their efforts magnified through the equalizing collaboration of art.

Developing cities’ arts and culture contributes to the 5Ps: fostering identity and nurturing inclusion in People, preserving natural heritage on the Planet, enhancing livelihood through Prosperity, promoting Peace and encouraging Partnership surrounding cultural governance.

Through this project, our hopes are to generate engaging dialogues concerning the importance of art and culture in developing communities. Beyond the canvas, their involvement within their societies should offer elements of politics, of growth and their challenges expressed to others in a more relatable matter.

We partnered with artists who fit the following requirements:

1. Are from or live in a UNESCO Creative City of Design COUNTRY.

2. Are interested in art for development and can interpret the theme into art:

a. Art as a conversation/medium through which changes are interpreted and made.
b. How peace, healing and reconciliation can be offered through work.
c. How has your environment/surrounding influenced the themes of your work in terms of development?

This is a long-term project to create a quality exposition of the artist throughout the operating months. Participating artists will be specially featured on the BBuzzArt website and across its various social media platforms.

Edit on 14 November 2018

We are pleased to announce our chosen artists:

  1. Denise Buisman Pilger
  2. Jaeyoung Park
  3. Davide Rodoquino
  4. Radmer Lenasch
  5. Odinakachi Kingsley Okoroafor