V: Unleashing the Remaining Art Parabola

Whenever we talk about Expressionism, the first painting that comes to everybody’s mind is no doubt the horrified face under the orange sky — The Scream (1893–1910) by Norwegian artist Edvard Munch. After years of speculation and suggestions that it represents a scream from the nature, scientists today propose an entirely different explanation for the surreal glowing sky — a rare sighting of ‘mother-of-pearl clouds’, a natural phenomenon seen in southern Norway during the winter.

To celebrate this new founding, we are proud to introduce a vibrant artist who is deeply inspired by Munch and the Expressionist style, yet presents an evolution of her own style throughout her tough years coping with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

GITLA (Affright) by Via Bulaon

With the artist name V, Via Bulaon is a Manila-based self-taught artist living under great influence of the pop culture like most teenagers of this generation. Japanese animations Voltes V, Funny Komiks and Sailormoon first opened the artist’s eyes and drew her interest to creating art. In order to gain painting skills, V tries all she could to get access to art knowledge on her own. Thanks to the rapid development of technology which has benefited the art world, other than conventional ways like visiting art museums and galleries, watching artist documentaries and reading art magazines, the artist also spent countless days perusing artworks online at online social platforms like BBuzzArt.

Georgina || The Mermaids of La Transvetite (left) and Nami (right) by Via Bulaon

Throughout art history, we have seen great masters who fearlessly portray their mental states — Munch was also one of them. Put aside whether art has succeeded to save the artists’ souls from darkness, this honesty and integrity itself reveals the essence of art. Through the exploration of different art media, including oil, acrylic, gouache, ink, doll assemblage, and videos, V keeps discovering the darkness of her inner self. The artist has a special preference to paint on scrap wood, broken and junk materials. This choice of material has also strengthen the rawness and roughness of her artworks.

Jack of All Trades (Master of None) || v. 2 (left), Woman in Woman’s Body — KATE (middle) and EL Diego (right) by Via Bulaon

In November 2016, V had her first exhibition and some of her artworks were selected to get involved in a yearly event in Singapore. This was a huge encouragement for the artist to continue her art path. With these opportunities, V started to work on not only visually expressive paintings, but also include themes on social issues. Last year, she had the opportunity to represent the women and LGBTQ community through an art exhibition in Philippines. The unstoppable artist has named her journey ‘unleashing the remaining art parabola’ in which she feels free to share the wave of her art journey through creation.

Tala (left), Qui ne dit mot consent (middle) and The Art Curator (right) by Via Bulaon

Know more about V’s struggles in art at: http://bit.ly/2OjLDoP

More and more vibrant artists like V get the opportunities they deserve due to their frequent activities on online art communities. As an online gallery which aims to act as the gateway to success for emerging artists, BBuzzArt is looking forward to witness the evolution of more young artists like V. Discover our passion to art now!

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