What Does It Mean by Independent Galleries?

Sep 21, 2018 · 4 min read
Independent galleries have no money
Independent galleries have no money
No Money by BBuzzArt artist Peloses

What does it mean by independent?

You have heard of independent music, or more widely known as indie, but why haven’t you heard of independent art? The answer is simple. Because art has always been independent. But what about independent galleries?

When we talk about indie, it refers to music produced independently from commercial record labels or their subsidiaries. The music production process includes an autonomous approach from recording to publishing. The word ‘independent’ is associated with 1) production process and 2) profit-making nature.

When artists do art, their production process although might involve assistance from the external, does not depend on particular organizations. In most cases, artists work in their own studios. And in terms of profit-making, compared to the music industry, art has yet developed a stream to please public’s taste and undergone mass production for money’s sake. I would say, in an ideal world, art does not intend to make huge profits. although in reality, profit-making artists do exist (let’s do not name who), they have not dominated the market like pop music. Therefore, based on the two grounds, there are not (yet) something called ‘independent art’.

Time vs. Money by BBuzzArt artist ITI

Why are there more and more independent galleries?

However, independent galleries do exist. On the opposite side of the definition of independent galleries is ‘commercial galleries’. In this sense, you would understand what an independent gallery means.

Most of the independent galleries do not label themselves with a certain genre of art. Even if they have signed artists, they do not limit their artists to create upon commission. Independent galleries resemble more of art spaces, where curatorial projects are explicit. The spaces are platforms which allow art to happen. They therefore encourage workshops with the public and collaborations among different artists.

From the first place, gallery is a place where buying and selling happens, which means being profit-making was the original nature of it. Although it always makes us feel awkward when we associate art with money, let’s do not forget that from the beginning of art history, art was a product served to the royals. Then why are there more and more independent galleries?

Since Pop Art, more different forms of art movements were born to question the sellability of art. Conceptual art, body art, performance art, etc. If more and more different forms of art, which simple buying and selling cannot apply, has developed, how could commercial galleries satisfy the need of artists? That is why nowadays more and more independent galleries have enter the scene to provide artists of the new generation a platform to get exposed.

A Light Lunch by BBuzzArt artist Darlene Turla

How could independent galleries make a scene?

If independent galleries mean galleries which do not aim at profit-making, then how do they support themselves as an organization? In fact, not only independent galleries, other alternative art organizations are facing the same issue. They depend on fundings, or side-products to allow artists do what they want. Therefore, public concern would be helpful to such independent parties to survive at today’s art scene.

This year’s BBuzzShow@Seoul has set the venue at an independent art space in Seoul called Indie Gong Art Hall. This exhibition place encourages collaborations among different kinds of arts. They also aim to introduce local artists to the international art scene. If you wish to play a part to support the independent art scene, stay tuned with BBuzzShow’s updates!

BBuzzShow@Seoul Detailed Information

1. Submission Deadline: 28 Sep 2018

2. Submission: Add tag #BBuzzShowSeoul when uploading your artworks. Or insert the tag to your already uploaded pieces at www.BBuzzArt.com

3. Finalist Announcement: 1 Oct 2018

4. Exhibition Date: 1 Nov 2018–14 Nov 2018

5. Exhibition Venue: Indie Gong Art Hall

Should you have any comments and questions, please feel free to contact us at info@bbuzzart.com

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