What Makes an Amazing Exhibition?

Before the opening of Seattle Art Fair, the Artistic Director Nato Thompson had an interview with artnews and shared his tips on art-fair programming. The Seattle Art Fair is famous for building art ecologies outside big metropolises like New York or L.A. Thompson is good at combining art and technology to find the intersection and relationship they stand. But Thompson has not forgotten his ultimate wish of opening the art market to a wider platform for emerging artists who do not have a chance to follow the routine academy path.

At the moment, one thing that strikes me as interesting is that often the groundbreaking art is not being made by the smart kids who go to the best art schools and then sign up with the cool gallery, but rather by people who have a foot in a different field and are using art as a form of rhetoric to get across, in a left-handed way, some kind of message they couldn’t otherwise.

BBuzzArt stands on the frontline and puts young artists first. We try our best to merge art and technology together. Since 2014, BBuzzArt has been bringing art lovers and emerging artists together through online platforms and the yearly exhibition BBuzzShow. Starting from New York, BBuzzShow has gone over major cities including Berlin, Shanghai, Singapore, Prague and Jakarta.

Let’s have a recap on some of our favorite artworks from our huge success last year — BBuzzShow@Jakarta.

One by Dewi Jasmine
Denial by Naomi Cassyane
The Kingdom without King by Jorge Tukan

See more fabulous artworks from BBuzzShow@Jakarta at: http://bit.ly/2AS9SYy

BBuzzArt believes that online and offline activities are both crucial to lead success for young artists. Therefore, we keep travelling around the world to provide exhibition opportunities to let the world see our new talents. This year, we are ready to surprise you with our BBuzzShow in Seoul! Stay tune and get the latest information at our website!

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