What Should the Color of a Dream Be?

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There are many doctrines about dreams. Until today, dreams have been an important discussion and research topic for psychological studies. While Freud told us that dreams reveal insight into hidden desires and emotions, there are dreams where we find no clues to reality — subtle images, vague colors, etc. What could the abstraction mean?

To start with, I would like ask a more basic question: what should the color of a dream be? In reality when we see things, images are created upon the reception of light, which activates the rods and cones in our eyeballs, so that our brains generate them and display them back to us. Light is an essential element.

Then how does it work for dreams? When we are sleeping, eyes are closed. Rods and cones stop receiving light. We know what we ‘see’ in our dreams are not ‘real’, but what are they? Cones, responsible for colored images, are especially sensitive to light. In such a way, should our dreams be black and white?

Dreams are an impression. There are supposed to be no colors, no even black and white. What colors our dream is our subjectivity — our feelings.

About Curator’s Pick by Rok Chung — The Color of the Dream

What is the colors of your dream? Do you dream in black and white? Some is having a great dream now, while some others are having bad ones. This time, I selected the artworks which are dreamlike. For sure, some of you might find my collection peculiar but these are how my dreams look like.

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