When a Punk Makes Art ft. Henrik Drescher

Dec 19, 2018 · 2 min read

Studied Photography, Visual Communication and Fine Arts, German artist Henrik Drescher is a founding member of “tausendmeister”-group in the mid nineties. Based in Berlin, Drescher is the vocal for the bands 16 inch, Huskies and Dolphins and Artists on Horses. Despite his devotion in music, Drescher never separates nor overlooks visual art creations. His works oscillate between the two.

Rockwool by Henrik Drescher

My work deals with life itself. Most of the things I do have to do with the things I perceive every day. I try to record the day and translate it, try to stay alive. It is interesting to explore life and the world even though it is completely manipulated by cliches. Sometimes you even can’t reach what you’re thinking, feeling and seeing.

Drescher’s paintings are records of his dreams. He sees the importance of capturing subconsciousness beneath the surface. Often the subject matters in the paintings are concise yet subtle. Concise in a sense that the images are clear and memorable; but subtle in a sense that you are not able to point out the exact location or daily objects being portrayed. Shifting in between reality and memories has added charm to the paintings.

The Shack by Henrik Drescher

Maybe the trick is to realize that you are where you are in this very moment. That you open up (and bleed) to the world and don’t hide. Things rush through you and you are the filter. what comes out is in general something on paper or canvas. I always have to insist. Ask why.

During the conversation between Drescher and our curatorial team, we find that the artist shares distinctive personality traits with his paintings’ characteristics. The punk spirit within Drescher has shaped his art to standout from the crowd.

Get to know Henrik Drescher’s story at: http://bit.ly/2rT8HRj

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