Who Says Poster Design Is Not Art?

From 28 August, Sotheby’s London will start an online auction for 164 rare film posters. On 4 September, posters of all-time classic movies including Star Wars, King Kong and the James Bond series will be sold. The first-ever film poster for the world’s first public movie screening back in 1895 is also on the list and called as ‘the ultimate collector’s poster’ which carries a pre-sale estimate of £40,000 to £60,000. This act of the auction house has reaffirmed the position of poster design in the art industry.

Artistic OI — Albert Einstein II by TMarchev

Since the development of the technology of commercial printing in 1960s, poster design has gained much appearance in the art industry of the digital age. During Pop Art, it even dominated the discussion of painting between mass production and individuality. The great name of the art movement — Andy Warhol also started his career in advertising before he claimed as an artist.

In our world surrounded by the commodity culture, this manner of engaging art in our everyday life through poster design is no longer questionable. Let’s enjoy the works of one of BBuzzArt’s graphic artists — TMarchev.

Artistic LXXIV — Madonna by TMarchev

Born in Bulgaria, TMarchev is a graphic designer who founded and manages ArtDesignWorks. He is currently traveling around the world and got his artwork inspired by all of his journeys. With 10 years of experiences in graphic design, TMarchev keep experimenting the possibilities of abstraction in digital art.

Mountain Illustration I by TMarchev

See more works by TMarchev at: http://bit.ly/2N3dQio

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