Why Is Creativity Important for Kids?

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Asian education system has always been accused of paying too little attention to boosting children’s creativity. Growing up under the exam-oriented system of Hong Kong, I received spoon-feeding education until I got a chance to study in an American international school. If not because of the inspiration I gained from the latter education which encourages creativity, I might not have been able to devote myself in art according to my own will.

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Cat’s planet by Ari Kwon

Creativity is often associated with art, in a sense that, on one hand art requires creativity, on the other hand art boosts creativity.

The truth is, not only art requires creativity. Without creativity, there is no innovation. And our world develops through advancement of each aspect. Science needs creativity; if scientists do not think out-of-the-box and no new hypothesis is made, no new theories hence inventions could be born.

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Stare by Ari Kwon

To succeed in any field, creativity is essential. Therefore, if children could be trained to use their creativity freely at a young age, there will be a higher possibility for them to succeed in life. The earlier it starts, the better.

Allowing creativity is also an act of building the characteristic of independence. Creativity appears in another form as freedom. If everyone could speak out and act out their own mind without constraints, there could be more colors in this world. Same happens to kids, if parents allow their children to develop their creativity, it will also be the first step to lead independent thinking in their life.

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My Happy House by Youyeong Seo

Now that we know in our lives, more than art requires creativity. Then what about boosting creativity by art?

We always say art could boost creativity, but no one seems to be able to point out how it works. When talking about developing children’s creativity, often do we simply put a paper and some crayons in front of the kids. We thought children are creating ‘art’ — as if children already have the concept of ‘art’ in their mind that they care. However, if you try to ask the kid, ‘what are you making?’ they are not able to answer you. Not that they do not know the language, but according to an Australian research, children actually do not know what they are doing. They do not care about the result on the paper. The process feels good to them. And this good feeling expands their imagination.

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Hide n seek by Sun Woo Kim

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