Week 10: Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so…
Amy Siskind

Thank you so much for these amazing and important lists! I am so grateful to have them, and I have spread the word about them as much as I can.

Amy, I keep seeing posts by people who are feeling overwhelmed and discouraged by the torrent of awfulness. Their despair made me wonder if you might consider creating a twin for your weekly list — tracking the rebellion! Stuff like important anti-Trump articles/tweets/videos that week (for ex, Bill Moyers’ incredible 25 min video placing Trump’s rise where it belongs in the context of the history of racism in the US — http://billmoyers.com/story/lest-we-forget/); anti-Trump events, like the women’s march in DC & sister marches all over the country and world, the Greenpeace demonstration in DC, etc.; helpful speeches or actions by public servants, like Elizabeth Warren’s bill to make Trump accountable for his conflicts of interest, Lindsey Graham’s & Paul Ryan’s statements that there is no evidence of voter fraud, CA gov Jerry Brown’s anti-Trump state of the state address, the rebellious posts by a Secret Service agent and by the National Park Service (and the latter’s creation of an alternative twitter page), etc.; actions by activist groups, like the ACLU’s filing a lawsuit against Trump, etc.; and the birth of new events and groups, like the Scientists’ march and Lawyers for Good Government group on FB, etc.. Oh, plus relevant news from abroad, like the Dutch announcement that they will fund international organizations Trump is de-funding (not to mention their funny anti-Trump video). And so on.

I know you are probably too busy making your current list to think about doing this. But maybe you know of someone else who could work with you on it? I just think that might inspire people to keep fighting!

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