Crazy Night on Monday! BBX-TNBUSDT Contract Airdrop 5 Million TNB!

! ! ! Celebrate the TNBUSDT Perpetual Contract Online! ! !

During the event time:

1. Register and open the TNB contract to get 100TNB!

2. Open a contract account and deposit any amount of TNB or USDT to get 150TNB!

3. In the same period, register to open the TNB contract and deposit, get 300TNB!

(Each hour is teeated as a time period, such as 19:00–20:00)

4. For the old users who opened and deposit the contract account before, airdrop 188TNB!

Airdrop time:

The reward for each hour on Monday night of the 17th is within half an hour of the end of the time period (eg the reward for 19:00–20:00 is issued before 20:30).

The reward after 23:00 on the 18th will be issued before 12 o’clock the next day.

After the 5 million TNB is finished, the activity will stop.

Activity Rules:

1. Registration is only issued to real users and does not conflict with contract bonus activities.

2. The minimum deposit amount of TNB is 1,000 TNB, and the deposit below this value will not recognize it.

3. The event bonus will be issued to the spot account.

4. For malicious cheating users, BBX will confiscate its airdrops and earnings.

5. The final interpretation of the event is owned by BBX.