XDAG development progress update 2018–10–24 (originator: Frozen)

Dear friends, I have been busy recently and I don’t have much time to organize and process documents, but development is still in progress. Taking advantage of Section 1024, we will briefly synchronize the development progress of XDAG recently. The detailed information will be presented later in the detailed biweekly report.
Development progress from the end of August to the end of October:

There are a total of 288 code submissions

There are a total of 85 PR mergers

Network layer dnet has been completely reconstructed by the original author Daniel

RPC function has been perfected

The performance and stability are greatly optimized. It is tested that the main node of the main network can be operated on the personal device of the 4 Core CPU 8G RAM 500G SDD.

The current version 0.3.0 will be released in the final performance optimization and testing.

Some of the features in RPC will be delayed until the 0.3.1 version or 0.3.2 release due to compatibility issues.

XDAG Android Wallet

Iterated 3 times, version 0.2.2, 0.2.3, 0.2.4

Support 15 languages

And has released Open Beta testing on Google PlayStore

XDAG iOS Wallet

Iteratively twice version

And release the enterprise test package

XDAG Mac Wallet

UI design and functional design have begun

Developer team

Add a new Mac Wallet developer larryisthere

XDAG Core contributors two liudf0716, Hu Ziming

GPU Miner contributor to Popebl


XDAG Android Wallet internationalization task has 13 community members involved in translation and proofreading

Crowdin id is as follows



Евгений Сухомлинов





Zenty.xdag.io contributes translation and proofreading in 15 languages


Zhang San crazy

Xuguo Wang

The discord id is as follows:



A new public account management volunteer MING TIAN will be added, and the follow-up biweekly report will be organized by the public number management volunteers.

The XDAG Core test case has been completed and the detailed test steps are being written by the developer.

Exchange progress

Added 3 free invoice exchanges

According to the 5 paid exchange exchanges

BBX Exchange opens XDAG contract transaction on 2018–10–23

External publicity

2018–08–18 Chuangke Street hosted the “Global Blockchain Forum Season 3 — Chengdu Station” event XDAG Keynote Speech

2018–08–19 “XDAG Developer Meetup — Chengdu Station”

2018–09–15 Chuangke Street hosted the “Global Blockchain Forum Season 3 — Shenzhen Station” event XDAG Keynote Speech Due to typhoon cancellation

2018–09–15 “XDAG Developer Meetup — Chengdu Station” cancelled due to typhoon

2018–09–29 Maker Street hosted the “Global Blockchain Forum Season 3 — Suzhou Station” event XDAG Keynote Speech

2018–10–17 TGO Activity Blockchain Night XDAG Keynote Speech

2018–10–24 Know Chuangyu-Linked Future XDAG Keynote Speech

* Subsequent Meetup activities and other activities continue to be planned

Community developers and contributors continue to recruit, interested parties can contact frozen@xdag.io by email or add a small assistant to the community to contact the community.

Friendship advertising sent a wave

Scan code to pay attention to the public number