George Bush 10/19 via Seth Wenig/Associated Press

I am sparked. Invigorated. Driven.

Motivated by seeing life in people I hadn’t seen before.

Namely, whom to thank for the inspiration of this sit down, George W. Bush.

Ex-president Bush, pop culturally proclaimed to be, possibly, the most incompetent president before present times, today denounced all the bullshit Donald Trump has been subtly glorifying and blatantly inciting in our country.

George. Bush.

Amazing. I recently found myself on Twitter questioning where Kanye West’s overt commentary was on our nation’s state. Hurricane Katrina found him rightfully bashing our then president. Where is he now?

If he could speak on Taylor Swift, what’s the difference with Donald Trump? There are two distinct groups of people representing the truth and folly of both parties. 1 group of people think Swift is the bee’s knees. Another group of people would rather be stung in the knees by bees than listen to/talk to/support the career of/be around her. Check Twitter. And with Trump? 1 group of people thinks he’s the shit. The other group of people recognize him for the piece of shit he is.

I just wonder where the Kanye rants are is all…

It makes me…consider the timing…

Why then, Ye?

Why NOW, George?

Could it be that the opportunity for revolution is now…and that is what both men saw at their respective times of outspokenness?

Kanye saw Bush’s lack of action with Katrina to be the epitome of government showing its blatant disregard for blacks on a mass scale in our time. I guess. Whatever he felt, he felt he needed to say something. Publicly. Belligerently seeming almost, but got peoples’ attention. Got people talking.

These days, to quote the genius writers of Rick and Morty, “my generation gets traumatized for breakfast”. And getting people talking about politics right now is not a rarity. There is always something to talk about.

Bush said today that he felt as though we need to recover our American values. I think we need to build anew instead of restore what was, clearly, already broken.

It didn’t work America.

You let the wrong Wizard get control of Oz. And now we see you for what you are.

Yeah, we’re ready Kanye! Hope you get out of the sunken place in time to see the revolution happen.