Leave Steve Alone

I find it amazing the response to Steve Lacy’s dating preference. First of all, he’s been open about this on the net at least since July:


So there’s that. Now while I am uncertain of how this recent conversation began, I saw this end of it:

And prior to reading this I’d seen a lot of declarations of shunning Steve and cancelling him as Twitter tends to do. So I was not expecting this calm levelheaded reasoning to be the culprit.

From my understanding, many people see Steve as cancelling out a whole race … Okay? Anonymous up there went in with the intellect essentially to simply say- “don’t you want to figure out why youre anti-black and then not be?” You, anonymous, made the assumption of anti-black.

Take your emotions out of this. Man said he doesn’t date black guys because he sees them as brothers. Be happy he socialized himself into positivity instead of hating black men.

Tuh. I myself have definitely ruled out white men from my dating pool because of the things I’ve experienced and learned in life. A preference is literally that, a preference. Cultivated uniquely and individually through ones unique and individual experience.

Unless you are a black gay male from Compton who grew up exactly like Steve, you, surprisingly, might not get where he’s coming from. Why cancel him.

He LITERALLY states that he sees black men as brothers. I’d be mad if he said he couldn’t stand black men. But this — this is logical. It’s not as if being gay is celebrated or seen as a beneficial thing in almost any black community. Who knows when Steve realized his sexuality. Who knows how Steve realized his sexuality.

Don’t be ignorantly impassioned.



gimme 6 months

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