Forbes has compiled a list of 50 companies that are actively using blockchain technology
Feb 24 · 1 min read

Blockchain started as a way to move bitcoin from point A to point B, but it is now being used by a host of big companies to monitor and move any number of assets around the world as easily as sending an email.

Annual Blockchain 50 represents enterprises embracing the technology underlying cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and using it to speed up business processes, increase transparency and potentially save billions of dollars.

Among the persons on the list are the technology giant IBM, the online retailer Amazon, the Chinese search engine Baidu, the blockchain company Bitfury, BMW, banks JPMorgan and Credit Suisse, the largest social network in the world Facebook, Nasdaq and others.

The list for the first time included an organization from Russia — the National Settlement Depository (NSD).

According to Forbes USA, NSD helped create a decentralized digital depository D3ledger for storing and exchanging crypto assets and conducted test issues of bonds on the blockchain. focuses on bringing the blockchain-as-a-service technologies for various types of business and build the future of Web 3.0 today.

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