Some new interesting blockchain initiatives
Mar 16 · 2 min read

NEM Blockchain Helps Enhance Mobile Phone Security

One of the oldest NEM blockchain networks has entered into a partnership agreement with the Israeli-Lithuanian startup FIX Network in order to increase the security of data for mobile phone users and to solve the problem of SIM card swapping.

FIX Network integrates SYMBOL enterprise-level blockchain from the NEM ecosystem into its existing infrastructure. The solution is designed to protect 8 billion SIM cards worldwide from cyber criminals.

The FIX Network architecture provides secure storage of private keys on subscribers’ SIM cards. This allows mobile operators to provide services such as digital identity management, cryptocurrency wallets and personal data firewalls.

Boeing uses blockchain to track and sell parts for $ 1 billion

The American corporation Boeing has partnered with aerospace giant Honeywell to track and sell $ 1 billion of air components through the GoDirect blockchain platform.

According to Honeywell CEO Lisa Butters, GoDirect aims to develop digital commerce, which accounts for only 3% of the $ 14 billion market.

The company plans to solve the problem of a large number of documents testifying to the quality and origin of the goods. Each paper document should be moved from place to place and re-enter the owner’s data manually, which entails excessive manual work, time and financial costs.

By the end of 2020, Butters expects sales of the platform at around $ 25 million, by 2021 — $ 100 million, and by 2022 — $ 1 billion.

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