Let’s Call Conservatives What They REALLY Are…

I bet you thought I was going to say racists! Nope, well, not exactly anyway.

Conservatives are Status Preservationists. Let that sink in for a second. Throughout history there are people who have been resistant to change. This is often born out of being risk-averse, it’s a hard-wired survival instinct to not take too many chances. Primitive human’s lives often depended on it.

In modern times, however, conservativism has more often been about preserving the status of a system in which the conservative thinker derives preferential treatment(though they will adamantly deny it) or high social and/or economic status.

What would I call a Liberal or a Progressive thinker? Probably something along the lines of a Fairness/Equity Seeker. Not always, but virtually every progressive movement has come about because of injustice(perceived or real), and people rising up against that injustice.

As technology and social structures evolved these two groups have engaged in a constant struggle; those holding on to things as they are, and the other group fighting to push things forward.

When it comes to human rights, the status preservationist has fought tooth and nail against others obtaining rights equal to theirs. Regarding science, the status preservationist has jailed and murdered those seeking to advance humanity’s quest for knowledge and truth, feeling their own power would be diminished.

The fairness/equity seeker has often seen societal power structures for what they are, a man-made game rigged in favor of those in power, by those in power. When the collective of people who think progressively reaches a critical mass, change happens. Preservationists don’t willingly concede advantage; equality must be earned, taken, fought for, etc.

The preservationist sees fear of loss as their primary motivator. Everything and anyone can easily be made into an enemy from their point of view. THERE ARE TIMES WHEN THEY ARE NOT WRONG. The equity seeker is motivated by hope, willing to take risks so that positive change can happen. There can be a dangerous naivety when their behavior is out of balance. THERE ARE TIMES WHEN THEY ARE NOT RIGHT.

If you’re a preservationist, there is good news: people like you can hold onto power and advantage, sometimes for extremely long periods of time. If you’re an equity seeker, there is also good news: your side eventually wins. If it didn’t we either wouldn’t possess the technological capabilites to be communicating via this media now, or you wouldn’t have the right to access it.