Foxes and Henhouses

As our Fearless Tweeter weaves together his baskets of incorrigibles, it is quickly becoming painfully obvious: This isn’t what even his most ardent supporters signed up for (even if they don’t know it yet). His potential appointments of an anti-environment, climate change denier as head of the EPA, and an anti-labor, anti-living wage Secretary of Labor signal an all-out war on the environment and the lower and middle classes, who are the people most affected by environmental conditions.

These types of deregulation will be pitched to the American people as pro-business measures designed to benefit the country as a whole. Don’t believe it for a second. This is the ultimate rich get richer scheme, while at the same time destroying the Earth by clinging to a fossil fuel production model as the way to MAGA.

Another guy who lived in a really nice tower and turned on his supporters (at least we know how that went for him).

Geez, I guess it would be really nice if we had some sort of example of a system of this deregulated, wild west, owners make all the rules, business model. A system like this that would also do little to control emissions and pollution, because being concerned about those things is for wussy-pinkers who want to stop the country from being great again.

Oh wait, we do! It was called the industrial revolution. Yeah, it was a few years back, but the people who owned the factories made huge sums of money while their employees worked day and night just to eek out the most meager of livings. It was slavery-lite for white people, without the rape and murder (but probably sometimes also WITH the rape and murder). A select few people had incredible lives then, built on the backs of human suffering and lack of government intervention to prevent this exploitation.

Surely things have changed since then. Rich people are much less greedy, and way more fair and equitable now in these modern, civilized times. Pfft, try saying that with a straight face. Shit, trying say that with a gay face. Even the gays can’t pull that off, and they are capable of making anything look amazing (search YouTube for Voguing Battles, you will not regret it). If we want to see an example of such a system in place today, let’s just look at Ch-EYE-Nuh:

Just another day in Beijing. Absolutely no way any man-made pollution could be contributing to climate change!
Suicide nets outside of FoxConn buildings because too many employees were choosing death over forced labor.

Looks amazing! Where can I sign up?

Honestly, I really am curious, do the people who support such policy watch Lord of The Rings and root for the Orcs??? Do they look at Mordor and think: hey that place looks cool! What about Star Wars, are they pulling for the Empire? That Palpatine guy isn’t so bad, he just says what’s on his mind. He’s just like me and you, your momma, and your cousin too.

This is actually not Mordor, these are “oil sands” that used to be a forest. Mordor looks much nicer IMO.

This maximization of fossil fuel extraction won’t be lucrative for the average American worker, the new boss is going to gut and disempower the unions as well. This simply isn’t a sustainable economy (plus earthquakes and tap water that you can light on fire, yay!). The processes and abilities to produce energy via wind and solar will cost less than oil and natural gas in the next 10 years. Under a science-literate leadership we could be transitioning to these clean, non-damaging methods RIGHT NOW. Instead our leaders are eager to create a world unfit for human life, and the only variable will be the rate of speed in which this world is brought to fruition. Rome is burning, and our new leadership will be selling fiddles.

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