To format my posts on Medium.
Back at My Machine
M.G. Siegler

You’d think that Medium would be all about making their app the most excellent editor for a given platform, wouldn’t you?

From my experience, the iPhone interface isn’t completely horrible to use and I’ve tapped out posts using the app alone, but—you’re right—formatting posts is a painful, incomplete process all its own. I can’t trust what the interface shows me because it’s as if the post is displayed in its own mobile formatted world. It forces me to choose what I want to publish from a full desktop browser.

That being said, I’m fairly sure I’m a nowhere near a typical Medium user—or a user of anything, really. An example: I feel it’s a personal source of shame that I get more productivity out of outlining posts or podcast episodes by putting pen to paper than using anything digital to this point, despite everyone saying ‘Oh, use Evernote, you square!’ or ‘OneNote is actually a cool MSFT product!’

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