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I think you’re spot-on with your comments. In my article, I didn’t tackle the inevitable backlash that is certain to come from the existing nation-states. When threatened, power entrenches, fights back — no question about that. While I hope for an easier path forward, I suspect the greatest strides will come after the utter bedlam you reference … it’s not a question of “if,” it’s “when and what then” when it comes to the international monetary system. I recall watching a video by Chris Martenson ( that made it crystal clear why that’s inevitable at this point … his stuff is tremendous, IMO.

I don’t necessarily think that has to be accompanied by a complete breakdown of society (hoping it’s something south of “utter bedlam”), although, at the very least, it‘ll be disruptive and painful for many. And, within the bedlam will be an opening, a shifting of power and opportunity for change/growth (insert here a pithy quote about every disaster containing seeds of opportunity).

Thank you for your response — very thought-provoking.

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