You Should Concern About These Apple’s App Store Guidelines!

When developing an app, there are many factors that developers need to be considered. There are infinite essentials to keep in mind in order to create an intuitive, interesting app. But once the app has been developed, there is still a process of making the app being accepted by the Apple’s App Store or any other app store and unfortunately it is not easy as you think to be approved.

A big headache for developers is that when a submitted app is rejected in the approval process before going live in the App Store. This has been a tough headache for mobile app development companies in USA, UK and all around the world. So every developer needs to follow the App Store guidelines. So here are some reasons for your app being rejected by Apple’s App Store…..

Defective or incomplete information:-

Statistic shows that almost 14 per cent of the applications get rejected by Apple because of the lack of detail or defective information. When it comes to give all the features of your app, always make sure to check you have provided the correct information and all links are working. Otherwise, Apple might reject your app.

Neglecting the crashes and bugs:-

Apple is rejecting all those apps which contain bug or which get crashed. Generally all apps are having bugs, but before finishing up your iOS app development and submitting it to the App Store, make sure that you have thoroughly tested the app. If Apple finds any bugs in your app, they will blindly reject that app.

Missing privacy policy:-

The privacy policy is the most important factors in the App Store. If your app needs users to register an account or login to an existing account, you have to put a privacy policy before them.An app that is using the user information without having the user’s prior permission will be discarded by Apple.


Apple wants apps that are instinctive and simple.If you are not following the Apple’s design principles, your app could be rejected from the App Store for illicit design.If your app’s design is very much difficult or the interface you have used in the app, is not that much clear to a user, Apple will most possibly reject your app until you redesign the interface.

Does your app have very limited functionality like simply opening a webpage?

Previously when the App Store was originally created, a lot of apps which are having limited functionalities like a link that is directing to the company website, for getting more traffic, were submitted. These kinds of apps are being rejected nowadays.

Lack of Proper App Description:-

Apple always focuses on the content displayed along with the mobile applications.Make sure that the content you are using is relevant and accurate as possible, avoid ambiguity and generic sentences.And one more thing that can make your app being rejected is advertisement. Make sure that you are not advertising your app through your content.If your description is not reliable and not exact,then your app will be rejected by apple.

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