Dear Highland High School,

I just want to say “thank you” for all of the wonderful times we have had the past 3 ½ years. The friends you’ve given me are amazing and I couldn’t ask for any better classmates. After half of my closest friends graduated last year, I was truly expecting my senior year to be depressing without them around. However, you didn’t let me down in the transition. This year has exceeded my expectations; I have formed many new friendships since the beginning of the semester, and have grown even closer to some of my best friends in my own grade.

I’m grateful for the many sports that you have given me the chance to both watch and play. My favorite thing to do on Friday nights is cheer in the student section with my friends and support our team, and then join in the singing of our alma mater at the end of the game with the team. The excitement I experience before competing in a big game is one of mixed emotions. I am always energized and ready to play, and although my nerves are relatively calm, I don’t want to let you or our fans down. Even the mornings after games my adrenaline gets going when I run outside to look at the newspapers and read what the reporters thought of our performance. You have also given me the opportunity to represent our school as the Suburban League Softball Player of the Year. But most importantly, you have taught me how to be a teammate and work within a group for a greater cause.

I’m surprisingly thankful for all of the stress you have put me through. You have taught me the importance of time management, as there were many days when I went from school to sports to doing homework late into the night. I learned how to get all of my work done and still have time to socialize, even when I thought it was impossible. I appreciate the opportunity that you have given me to get a jump start on a few college courses while I’m still here with you, and I know you have prepared me well for when I go off to school next fall.

One thing I’ll miss most about you are the dances. The tanning beds, spray tans, dates, flowers, shoes, jewelry, and shopping for dresses are some of the things I’ll never forget about these special occasions. Four years of homecomings and two years of prom have already passed by me. I have one prom left to go to and I hope it will be the best yet.

Highland High School, you’ve given me amazing memories that I will cherish forever. We only have a short time left together but I plan to make our last semester together the best yet. I promise I will come back to visit after graduation, and I will always be proud to be one of your own.



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