Apps I use on my iPhone 6

This list is in no particular order. Would be interested to know what apps you use regularly. Will probably do the same again, when I get an iPhone 7.


Formally the check-in side of Foursquare. After the app was split in two I stopped using it. A year later and the app is back to the level it was and is getting better each day. I like the coin system they recently introduced, very close to their original gamification roots.


Who doesn’t use this app? After years of having black cabs just ignore me on late nights out, it’s good to have a service that is quick to use and seamless when it comes to the main transaction.


If you need to get a bus then this app has you covered. Just look for the bus stop letter and this app will list when the next one will arrive.

Broadcast Football

Call me bias, but this app is my go to on Premier League match days. It’s the quickest when it comes to getting key match information and for creating messages. How many of you can spell Schweinsteiger easily?

Crossy Road

I don’t play many games on my phone but happened to watch the developers story on how they built the game and the revenues they generated. Very inspirational story for any app developer. I have a soft spot for Frogger that goes back to my youth and this takes it to another level. Solid game with great gaming mechanics.


I use this app off and on. In the beginning I was stumped by the navigation but got over it and followed a few users like Casey Neistat and YesJulz. You soon see that this app is about telling your story and if you are open enough then it’s a great platform. Like I said before it was an off and on type app and I came back when the app had a Major update in the form of DJ Khalid. His snaps alone gave the app a new lease of life.


I ditched the default calendar app on my phone for this. The integrations with other apps like Trello and Evernote sold it for me. Very beautiful UI with an informative Today widget.


Used it for many years to store many moments in time. I keep a private account and follow a small group of close family and friends. I also opted to use the same filter for all my photos. I’m a firm believer that all photos should be the default square and I still rue the day they made the change to support other resolutions.


I’ve been using it since version three. In terms of usability and experience it’s a benchmark we use for Broadcast Football. Little things like being able to see Instagram photos inline make such a difference.

Google Photos

Backing up photos is a problem that I revisit every few years and I think Google Photos has me covered for the next few. Background uploading of photos is not as seamless as I’m used to on Android but I guess I can ignore this as you get unlimited storage and a slew of features like search by person, place or object and an assistant that makes movies or presentations out of a selection of photos and videos.


A great app for the whole team to communicate and more. We often talk about how Slack gets things just right and this app is another benchmark for Broadcast Football. Whenever a new build of the BF backend is released, the whole team is notified. The app is definitely more than a place just to chat and our team hasn’t even touched the surface.


One of my personal changes for the year was to write more. For reasons unknown to me, I’ve noticed that I find it easy to write posts from my mobile while on the go and the Medium app or should I say platform makes the process quite easy. The stats breakdown for posts is very useful and encourages me to write more.

I wonder how many of these apps will still be on my phone in the next few months.

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