Stolen was Stolen

I was one of the lucky few to try the app that was removed in controversy last week.

I empathised with users concerns so in the short time that I played, I never tweeted out that I was in possession of a users card.

Controversy aside I found the game very interesting. Over the years there has been plenty of talk about our social graph being used to determine our credit score. Stolen gave a first hand glimpse of what this could be in the future.

My initial buys were users that I admired and felt had the most potential of growth with minimum of investment. These accounts had high follower numbers so I bet on these being wanted as the network grew. My hypothesis was correct for about 70% while the other 30% remained at their initial price point. I guess this is where tweeting out that you are in possession of card increases the value.

My card stock started to drop when I started making a point of buying anyone who bought me and any of their cards. I quickly hit the card limit and with that my boredom level was reached.

Stolen had some great user onboarding and a experimental navigation that kind of reminded me of SnapChat. I’m sure we will see many features from Stolen rolled into future apps by the team at Hey Inc.

I’m already looking forward to the next experimental app that links our social graph to a type of currency.

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