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The BC Gateways Team

Today, financial services has a revolutionary new way to publish and distribute data that will underpin the rapidly increasing industry need for accurate, timely and auditable data delivered in a cost-effective way. BC Gateways’ blockchain-enabled data platform is a Shared Source of Truth utility designed to enable the evolutionary change the industry needs in the face of current headwinds.

The Gateway is Australia’s first whole of financial services industry blockchain infrastructure specifically designed to allow the enormous volumes of structured and unstructured data to be securely shared between participants on a permissioned basis. …

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In 2017, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) brought in $6.2 billion across 875 ICOs, a number that was already surpassed in the first quarter of 2018. As we go into the new year, the ICO party seems to be over but tokens will continue to evolve with a better understanding of the varying token types and new distribution methods such as Airdrops gaining traction.

To understand the current path of tokens evolving, we need to look at the ICO boom and bust of the previous years.

The ICO Boom: raising millions in seconds

The Ethereum coin and eponymous blockchain platform sparked a development boom in 2016 as it became easier to create decentralised applications (dApps) and native tokens. Ethereum democratised the market for blockchain projects and laid the foundation for a promising new component of the crypto ecosystem: the Initial Coin Offering, a fund-raising mechanism where tokens are sold to the public in a bid to improve a project’s liquidity. …

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A blockchain pioneer

This edition of BC Gateways Decrypts takes a closer look at the Ethereum ecosystem. As interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies soared in the past few years, Ethereum established itself as the one-stop shop for early adopters of the technology.

With its own programming language Solidity, the Ethereum platform marked the introduction of a more accessible market for developers. As a result, it took blockchain technology far beyond the financial transaction use case and created a new world of innovative decentralised applications supported by smart contracts and custom tokens.

Ethereum origin story

The idea for Ethereum was first proposed by Vitalik Buterin in 2013, then 19 years old, and it quickly caught on as the platform proposed unprecedented capabilities to blockchain developers. After its 2014 crowd sale during which the Ethereum Foundation sold 60 million tokens, the platform was launched in 2015 and quickly gained traction in the crypto community as it democratised access to blockchain projects and custom token creation for both fundraising purposes and in-app capabilities. …


BC Gateways

BC Gateways builds Global Communities of Trust across networks where information defines relationships.

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