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Hi everyone, this article will share some of the world’s most creative, productivity tools you might have never heard of (or you might have! — read on to find out.)

1. Notion

Notion is an all in one workspace storage, note taking, organizing, productivity tool. Why notion? Notion’s really minimalistic, and it doesn’t require or need crazy or features that take forever to configure. Write down your notes, organise them.

Notion is where I write down my thoughts, ideas & do a lot of my prep work for school or projects. …

My thoughts on the corona virus are:

There are some things that we can’t control, but we can do our part to make sure we don’t affect others. For one, your health is your responsibility. You should take care of yourself, be independent.

The virus is gaining so much traction on the web. It’s getting a lot of coverage on media companies and new outlets. What’s true? What’s fake?

For one, I never trust something I see online. How sure are you that the information written in the article is factual? You don’t know right?

Then, you have to make the executive decision to judge the whole situation yourself.

Apple is known well for the ease of use on any Apple Device. For instance, the mac is so smooth and easily accessible. All settings are configured on a single application. You don’t have to go through 5 or 6 different panels to configure what you want.

One major reason is because Apple has human interface designers, and they do a lot of work. Resourceful work. Meaningful work.

Apple’s System Preferences on MacOS

The icons are carefully designed, well placed and you can browse through and find what you want to configure easily. Or search for it easily with the search panel.

I’m a big…

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I’ve always thought — I need to purchase this to do this, I must get this done before I can even move on or.. I can’t do this without that. These are some of the thoughts I had — and still do have.

But it got me thinking do i need it? Or is there a hidden intention behind it? Some of these limiting beliefs I have to restrict me from going or doing what I actually can do. It’s the concept of minimalism that got me intrigued.

Sometimes I think about getting my life back on track. It’s in…

  1. Download docker for Mac, or platform you’re working on from Docker’s official website.

2. Pull the docker image for the version of MSSQL you require

docker run — name sqlenterprise \
-e ‘ACCEPT_EULA=Y’ -e ‘MSSQL_SA_PASSWORD=<YourStrong!Passw0rd>’ \
-e ‘MSSQL_PID=Enterprise’ -p 1433:1433 \

For the above code — pulls the 2017-latest docker image for the mssql docker image (

3. Add your connection string to your MSSQL. (Configured to 1433 by default: you can write a connection string like this:)

"DefaultConnection": "Server=localhost; Database=YourDatabaseName; user id=SA; password=<YourStrong!Passw0rd>"

4. Start your application, run initial migrations and you’re set!


What are your thoughts about change? I’m sure you right there; yes you reading these words – have thought about change many times in your human life.

You’ve had to have a thought that swings through your head from time to time – what should I change to stop being an asshole, what should change for me to achieve this?

Sure. There’re times you wonder why change is very much needed. I’ll tell you why. Change is almost inevitably a part of life as is discomfort. After much solitude and mindful thinking at the end of last year.

I learned…

I’m writing this with 15 minutes left to the start of a brand new year: 2020! You may wonder why it may be so significant for humanity to celebrate a new year, people wish “Happy new year” all around the world, we drink champagne, blast fireworks, and do so much more.

But why? It’s the essence of moving closer to the future; progress. It’s also about lost time, and well — time, is something that we can never get back. …

Today, I’m writing about my experience with the project management tech giant, Atlassian’s Confluence. If you don’t already know about confluence, it’s a space management tool; to organize your work into spaces.

$10 for up to 10 members, sounds pretty good. They even host everything for you. Over the six months, I’d been using it, and I’d enjoyed all its features. I even paid an extra $5 a month to get the plugin.

What’s It’s a popular design tool to help you build graphs, diagrams, or architectures directly with a drag-and-drop web editor.

The main issue I found…

Hello everyone,

Today I’m writing a little bit about the Kindle Fire HD8.

I’ve summarised it into two main points

  1. It’s lives on a different ecosystem
  2. Any popular applications are described as ‘Unavailable’ on the Amazon App Store.

Let me explain and elaborate a little.

If you’re in the amazon ecosystem — sure. you’ might find the product really useful. I couldn’t even watch any videos of youtube on a application — but through the browser that came with the Kindle. Applications like Facebook; YouTube, Instagram, and even Netflix are all unavailable on the app store.

This move limited my…

I’m a big apple enthusiast; and because of this I decided that I couldn’t wait any longer for the beta to be released.

I downloaded and installed iOS 13 on my iPhone. The change was surreal and nothing short of amazing. iOS 13 is iOS on a phone reimagined. It’s really amazing being able to look at the new dark mode; new notes app; new reminders app; and an overall redesign to everything on iOS.

Below; you’ll see the amazing dark mode coming to live on the display and brightness page. …

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