My first week with iOS 13

Brian Chew

I’m a big apple enthusiast; and because of this I decided that I couldn’t wait any longer for the beta to be released.

I downloaded and installed iOS 13 on my iPhone. The change was surreal and nothing short of amazing. iOS 13 is iOS on a phone reimagined. It’s really amazing being able to look at the new dark mode; new notes app; new reminders app; and an overall redesign to everything on iOS.

Below; you’ll see the amazing dark mode coming to live on the display and brightness page. If dark mode is something you really love on any other devices; you’ll really love it here.

The next big change I noticed was the share option on photos or weblinks — pretty much anything else that you can share and has this symbol

The share symbol from iOS

It’s amazing. Let’s take a look!

You’ll see that it’s much neater as compared to the good ol’ 12. Which brings me to my next point. Super hero Siri!

Siri has also changed dramatically in iOS 13. It’s super and amazing now. Siri automatically does things for you that you could never imagine. Have several missed calls from your loved ones; or a friend but cleared up the notification? Siri automatically suggests and sends a push notification for you to call them back.

Siri shortcuts also extends the functionalities of your Apple Device out even more. You can play and do amazing things on HomeKit enabled devices with only an iOS or apple device alone. Oh! Siri even suggests and builds your own shortcuts for you — if you really need it as a shortcut.

How amazing is that?

Overall, using iOS 13 and watchOS 6 has been nothing short of amazing — although it does come with it fair share of bugs; here and there. It’s still amazing how the development & design teams at apple has made so much progress and continue to soar to greater heights.

If you wish to find out more about how I installed iOS 13 on my iPhone; let me know and I can do a short medium writeup on how easily it can be done!

Brian Chew

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I’m a driven, passionate and a team player who loves everything about technology. is my website!

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