Productivity tools you’ll definitely want to have.

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Hi everyone, this article will share some of the world’s most creative, productivity tools you might have never heard of (or you might have! — read on to find out.)

1. Notion

Notion is an all in one workspace storage, note taking, organizing, productivity tool. Why notion? Notion’s really minimalistic, and it doesn’t require or need crazy or features that take forever to configure. Write down your notes, organise them.

Notion is where I write down my thoughts, ideas & do a lot of my prep work for school or projects. For one, (refer to image below) I take down all the services or tools offered by startups or large corporations that I find interesting.

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An image of services and tools, offeriings listed down on the Notion App.

2. Spotify

Hey… why is spotify on the list?! I believe music is universal, and a lot of the beats or rhythms help us focus (sciencetifically proven? or not?), so put up some good music and don’t let anything else distract you from doing what you want, or need to do.

I recommend listening to lo-fi beats, something that simple, easy to listen to and calming!

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Photo of Spotify’s Lo-Fi Beats Playlist

3. Self

You’re your best productivity tool around. Trust me, I’ve tried many times over and over again to be “productivity” for the week or the day, but many a times it’s never happened.

Sure, I’ll want to say complete a book, but when I think about that — I start to think, 🤔 — Do I have a bookmark to store where I’m gonna stop for today?, Heck, what’s the best spot to read my book?- In my room, the living room?

The endless streams of question just come flowing! You have to end up convincing yourself that you’ve gotta just begin doing it!

At the end of the day, you’re gonna be the one whom’ll judge yourself for how productive you’ve been, and if you truly have started doing what you want to do, then you’ll know if you’ve been productive!

I’m Brian Chew, and I wrote this article as a part-motivation and reminder to myself to always look on forward when situations aren’t favourable. The biggest reminder to myself would be to start doing something that’s aligned to my life-goals, and not wait till the right moment, or procrastinate.

Thanks for reading!

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I’m a driven, passionate and a team player who loves everything about technology. is my website!

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