📰 Smooth Operations: Breaking Through The Resistance

“Most of us have two lives. The life we live, and the unlived life within us. Between the two stands resistance.”

That is a quote from the first article below is called “What Creative Professionals Do That Separates Them From Amateurs.”

I stumbled upon the article looking for content that describes ‘Creative Professionals’ (I work for PicMonkey which provides tools for creatives). The quote and article resonated with me. And I think it may resonate with a lot of people and their personal pursuits outside of work.

I’ve always wanted to write and publish content. I like to start with Why. The why behind wanting to write is that I feel like sharing my experiences can help provide some enlightenment. Sounds generic? Well, more specifically, I think I can help people (typically Internet business folks, but hopefully a broader swath) learn from my experiences, failures and successes. If I can use my experiences to provide a framework that helps someone get from A to E without having to go through B, C and D… that’s my content creation goal.

My struggle in writing and publishing has always been about “finding my voice”. How do you find topics that aren’t: too personal, too generic, too specific, too close to any ‘corporate’ boundaries. Aside from worrying about voice, focus and fear have been issues to overcome.

Focus (something the article mentioned really highlighted for me) is about shipping. If it matters, make time for it, set a goal, ship it, deliver. If it fails, at least you know it failed, probably not the end of the world, learn something.

Fear is about missing the mark. What if no one reads? What if topics are controversial? Boring? Not deeply thought out enough?

My takeaway from the article was that you learn by trying, failing, gathering feedback, testing … you can’t win if you don’t play. The important thing is to create enough space for yourself to give yourself a chance to succeed. And don’t be scared to put yourself out there, failure is part of the process.

✨ SPARK your own creative juices with this helpful post.


What Creative Professionals Do That Separates Them from Amateurs — lifehacker.com 
 All too often, the creative work we most value, the stuff that brings the greatest meaning and satisfaction to our lives, gets shoved aside for other priorities. No matter the creative work you’re doing — writing, designing, composing, coding, or just brainstorming ideas — if you want to make real progress, it’s essential you treat your work not as a hobby or side note, but as a job.

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16 Things to Get IPO Ready (or Just Build a Really Strong Business) — Andreessen Horowitz — a16z.com

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 The traits of authentic leadership are timeless, even if conspicuously absent these days. Here’s a refresher.

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