When I get into “startup mode” something happens to my sleeping patterns — I wake up every morning around 3 AM with my mind racing. I don’t know exactly when it happens … I just slowly drift out of sleep and realize I’m thinking about my startup.
Being nuts is my edge
Kevin Dewalt

So true. There does seem to be a switch that gets toggled at X hours per day working. Have had that happen both working as an entrepreneur and as an individual contributor at companies (in the latter case, when in crunch mode / working on urgent items late at night).

Only two tricks I’ve found help with this are to set working boundaries (different space, set hours) and just shorter hours overall.

Thanks for the post, definitely something I’d thought about but not put to words. Whether being in this mode is ultimately effective is something I go back and forth on. I wonder whether the costs of being in “startup / always-on mode” outweigh the longer (productive?) hours and time during which ideas are generated in the mid to long term. It feels like visiting the “normal human life” mode now and then brings its own benefits to the work.

Guess there’s always taking vacations! Though that’s maybe even less tenable for early stage founders, whose daily hand cranking keeps the momentum going 🏃💨💨💨

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