Life Lesson: Have Pizza With Your Kids Before It’s Too Late

Yesterday I sat down and had pizza with my kids.

I did so because I feel the significance of the season. Every year like clockwork, as summer nears its apex, my Facebook feed fills with strikingly similar updates from friends and family.

A split-screen photo of a young man or woman, standing in front of an administration building, appears on one side of the frame. They are invariably flanked by proud parents whose smiles can’t fully hide their bittersweet feelings. The source of those feelings is easy to find — you just have to look at the other side of the photo.

There you will see a image, more than a decade old, of that same young man or woman, wearing a backpack and clutching a lunch bag, ready for their very first day of school. The text in the update always laments how fast time has flown.

The jury is out on how good of a parent I am. That judgement will not be rendered fully until decades from now when my kids become the adults they are meant to be. Hopefully — assuming there is no therapy involved — I will get a passing grade.

But the one thing I do know about being a parent is how important it is to be present with your children. This time of year always reinforces that belief in me.

I know that I too will be putting up that same split screen photo in a little less than a decade. I know that those years will go fast. And I know that I will be dying inside as I try to pretend that I won’t miss them and that my heart isn’t breaking.

So yesterday, I sat down and had pizza with my kids.

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