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As small businesses closed and layoffs hit, Amazon expanded its power — despite a string of crises and worker uprisings

A photo of an Amazon package in one of the company’s fulfillment centers.
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These 21 books about technology and its impact on society are crucial to understanding our fractious future

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Arecibo is the last gasp of ambitious, publicly funded efforts to understand the universe

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If anyone has any ideas about what the hell is going to happen this week, it’s speculative fiction writers

Illustration: Jinhwa Jang

If the Uber-backed ballot initiative passes, it may lay the groundwork for unrest not seen since the onset of the Industrial Revolution

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How ‘visionary fiction’ can be used as a framework for building a better world for all humans

The late rock god was also an unsung tech genius

Edward L. Van Halen, musical instrument support, US4656917A/Google Patents

As robotization scales up, so do injuries

Photo: Philippe Lopez/Getty Images

‘New Atlantis’, Francis Bacon’s pioneering work of proto-science fiction, has just been reissued. Here’s why it still matters.

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Senior editor, OneZero, books, futures, fiction. Author of The One Device: The Secret History of the iPhone, founder of Terraform @ Motherboard @ VICE.

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