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Which model is the best bodyguard?

Just imagine that you are a rich man and have to travel to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to attend business meetings, conferences, a party on a Sheikh’s yacht and work every day at your newest local office that is located on the top floor of Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. You need a bodyguard, personal assistant and companion to make a certain impression on your business partners. Who can do all of these things? Definitely, a woman. Because they are the best assistants, have more skills to manage the details and can make the best impression. But what about their ability to be bodyguards? Apparently, it just might be a new trend…at least in some parts of the World.
“It’s easier for them to hide. People don’t realize they are bodyguards,” “Some guys are really tall; you can easily tell that he is a bodyguard. Also, girls tend to be better at taking care of people.” “They not only serve as bodyguards, but sometimes as a boss’ personal assistant.”- says Chen Yongqing, the women bodyguard academy’s founder and former bodyguard, he spotted that woman bodyguard is a new trend in China and decided to jump on what has become a booming market. One of the reasons-China had 317 billionaires (in U.S. dollars), second only to the United States.

What if you have a choice between three women who are not only gorgeous but also have a professional set of skills that can be useful if it’s necessary to protect your life and demonstrate your status to the Sheikh of Dubai?
Meet our candidates:

Lauren Berlingeri who is not only a fitness model but also went through NAVY SEAL training, just to prove that she could. Here is what she says: “Training with the Extreme SEAL Experience forces you to forget your ego and focus on achieving your goal. Attempting to complete a challenge in a male-dominated field like SEALs was the toughest barrier I’ve faced so far, but I left the experience feeling empowered. I encourage other women to take on challenges previously reserved for men.”

The second hypothetical candidate is Larissa Reis. She started as a Playboy model in 2003 but then decided to become a body builder and fitness model. Here’s what she says: “…after Playboy I started to look into being a different kind of model. I was looking for a challenge, because being a Playmate there is no talent — you just need to be beautiful and that’s all, you know. I wanted something that people could really SEE and get impressed.I have been working out a long time; it’s been like 15 years I have been training. I am from Brazil and people in Brazil are born doing sport and stuff like that. I have always had a passion for sport, I am a brown belt in jujitsu; I don’t do it anymore because I don’t have time but I would love to come back and do my best to get my black belt.”

And lastly, this woman also deserve to be on our list, meet Jessie Duff.

She is a national and world champion pistol shooter, Taurus team captain and the co-host of friends of NRA tv series. Jessie is a fixture in shooting sports around the world. Her participation in many Practical Shooting tournaments allowed her to gain experience that could be essential in life threatening situations. Practical Shooting as a sport was developed to simulate close combat scenarios. One look at how she moves and shoots will convince you that she is capable to protect and neutralize any threat very fast.

Let us know who your pick is for this hypothetical situation that could become a reality very soon.





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