I have accumulated all my favorite resources for learning and getting inspired with Fiori. These sources have helped me with knowledge checks and staying motivated.

What is Fiori?

The point of this article is just to list my top resources for SAP Fiori and Fiori Design. However, here is my quick rundown on the topic. As you may know, SAP S/4HANA is SAP’s fancy ERP system that runs on the HANA database. It does a lot of cool things. SAP Fiori is the interface for all S/4HANA deployments. It provides a consistent user experience and changes how users work with SAP. It does…

This is a quick overview on the two SAP Ariba Solutions.

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Supplier Lifecycle Performance Management

Business is booming! All you need is a little supplier management. Buying things is fun, but as a business grows, it needs to manage its suppliers. Managing your suppliers in greater detail is a growing need around procurement processes to prevent loss of revenue or reputation. Don’t worry, SAP once again has come down from the heavens to save us with new solutions. I am referring to SAP Ariba Supplier Lifecycle Performance Management. Supplier Lifecycle Performance Management replaces SAP Ariba Supplier Information and Performance Management.

But what is it?

Supplier Lifecycle Performance Management…

Check out my quick overview on the SAP Ariba Network. I hope it helps others as much as writing it helped me.

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What is the SAP Ariba Network?

The Ariba Network is where suppliers and buyers go to hang out. It’s where all the cool businesses go to buy and sell things online. You thought Amazon was cool, think again. The Ariba Network is a cloud environment that enables buyers and suppliers to interact and build transactional and strategic relationships. Exciting!

People like to shop online these days. It only makes sense for organizations and businesses to do them same. Buying stuff with paper is lame…

Check out this quick summary on understanding TFSAs, contribution room, and investing options.

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What is a TFSA?

TFSAs were created in 2009 for all Canadian citizens 18 years of age or older. It lets you set money aside tax free throughout your life. It is an amazing tool that can help you reach your financial goals.

Lets start with some quick facts. Contributions you make into your TFSA account are not tax deductible. However, any withdrawals made is tax-free. Any income (including capital gains) earned in a TFSA is also exempt from tax. More on this later.

Opening an account is straightforward. You need…

RStudio is an IDE that was built with R programming in mind. Understanding a tool is the best way to use it effectively. Luckily for us, RStudio is extremely user friendly.l

Before we start, you can always use the R console if desired. To open it, you can search your computer for your R.exe application. Once opened, it should look like the below image. Check out this other tutorial if you have not installed R or RStudio yet.

I have accumulated all my favorite resources for learning and getting inspired with Tableau. These sources have helped me with knowledge checks, getting datasets, and staying motivated.

Why Tableau?

Tableau is an excellent tool for getting data insights and creating meaningful visualizations. It is a leading BI tool that’s used by Data Scientists, Analysts, Students, Teachers, and basically anyone looking to analyze data. I have used it at work and for personal projects.

Top Resource for Tableau:

Getting Inspired:
Tableau Public Gallery: This is a Tableau visualization gallery that is updated with a new visualization everyday.

Nadieh Bremer’s Pinterest Board: Nadieh is an amazing source for…

Installing R and RStudio on your personal computer is super easy. I hope this helps others who are starting their Data Science journey with R programming.

R is a great programming language for data analysis and data visualization. Please follow these steps to install it.

Step 1: Google The Comprehensive R Archive Network. This is called CRAN for short.

Step 2: Once you arrive at the homepage, click one of the first three links. I use Windows so I selected the the third link — Download R for Windows. This will take you to a new screen. …

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