Resisting Bernie’s Siren Song In The Age Of Trump
Matthew Reyna

My BS detector has gone red line on this.

The truth is Bernie Sanders Supported Hillary Clinton, once the nomination fight, as gruesomely protracted as it was, was over.

Also, most of the programs Bernie Sanders insisted on espousing would have greatly benefited Black and Latino people, who tend to be disproportionately poor, due to racism and other reasons.

Hillary was far from a perfect candidate, and I knew, as soon as she got nominated, that there would be trouble. She changed her position on trade issues numerous times, and always when it would benefit her or her career.

And, I hate to break this to you, trade policy was the number one issue during the 2016 campaign. And just following that. Just following that, was the concept of economic justice. And where was Hillary on that? It depended on what day it was. One day she was for holding Wall Street bankers accountable. The next, she was giving a speech to them, pocketing more money than I have made during most of my working life.

Even with all this being true, at least in my mind, I openly supported her, once the nomination was over, telling everyone within ear shot that she was light years better than Trump. You should have heard the flack I got. And not just from fellow white people. It seems that most of it was coming from people familiar with her record — and I am not talking about people who watch Fox News.

Many of the black people I have talked to are surprisingly well informed on current events — even more so than most fellow white people I talk to.

As for the almost three million votes. It is clear she got those. But those were three million votes that didn’t matter. My understanding is that most of those were in California, a state which Trump had already lost in. I’ve heard the argument that Hillary would have won, if the election were based entirely on the popular vote. Maybe so. But probably no. If the election were decided on this rubric, and both sides knew it would be, the Trump team’s strategy would almost have certainly reflected that fact. So-called “swing states” would then have no value, and his campaign would almost certainly have been hitting the biggest states hardest. And this would almost certainly have included California, the most populous state in the union.

The Democratic party used to be the party of “the people”. And what I mean by that is the vast majority of Americans whom are neither millionaires or billionaires, nor are ever invited to their parties. Now it is a sad scavenger of campaign cash, on one hand, and votes on the other. As bad as the Republicans are, at least they are consistent. Let the Democrats be — and watch them start winning again.

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